Our Story

  Located in Kershaw, SC on the property of Margaret Holley, Seldom Rest Farm raises strictly grass-fed angus beef.  Mrs. Holley's daughter, Cathy Taylor and son-in-law Mitch Taylor, are part owners and maintain the pastures, livestock, and all other aspects of the farm.  


  Cathy has a certificate from "The Clemson Extension New and Beginning Farmer" program.  She is also a certified Clemson Extension Master Cattleman.  Seldom Rest Farm has an average of 75 cows on property at any given time.  Seldom Rest Farm practices controlled grazing on approximately 150 acres of pasture land until they reach processing age. 


  Cathy purchased our first 4 cows with heifers by their side in November 2008 and a registered angus bull in January 2009.  We now have 40 cows who produce new calves year round.  This allows us to have a constant supply of fresh grass-fed beef available.  


  Seldom Rest Farm strives to provide clean grass-fed beef to all of our customers.  In order to do this, we have all of our cows processed at a USDA certified facility in Forest City, NC.  We also refrain from using any steroids or antibiotics in our cattle.  


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